LuLuLemon Athletica and this Thursday .


On this week we will see the Q1/2018 Lululemon Athletica Inc             . To my mind the situation with this Q1 sometimes is illogical . If we analyze the chart of LuLu from the last 3 years we will see that UP probability about 67%. Now I try to explain it .At first , since 2014 we see the strong up trend , but from other side , we are on the top of this up trend and RSI is 75 ! It means that LULU is overweight! No bad sales last time ( sales Q/Q 17,6%) quite presentable EPS             Q/Q about 33% and profitability 14.3% . Contradictory situation with Beta , from one hand it is -0,12 but from other hand +0,16 ( if we trust at first it means that in down market LuLu shears moving up , but in second case they moving like a market but very slowly) Essentially the company is positive . LuLuLemon belongs to Consumer goods sector and in the month performance this sector keep the fifth place , by the way the last some weeks the S5COND also positive and strong buy.Acceptable short float about 4.31% . Burchart options 96% buy. LuLuLemon has not a debt . Financial strenght is 10 , profitability and growth is 8 .Insider transactions is -95% , but institutional 2.96%. In general the pictures is conflicting and if you deside make buy , I dont recomend buy a lot of LULU shares , but ignore this report is unacceptable!